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Best Equity Management Software in Singapore

Your Fundraising Strategy
It’s crucial from the very early stages that Startup founders map out a plan for fundraising rounds, projected valuations, exits and clearly understand the impact of different strategies on investor dilution.

Starting with your first pitch deck, potential investors want to see that you are in control of your cap table from pre-seed & seed rounds to series A and beyond.

The good news is that ‘state of the art’ software is available FREE for startups.

XAP Corp are specialist equity management advisors. We have partnered with leading global equity management software company, Carta.

Together XAP Corp & Carta delivers a powerful equity management solution for Singapore startups.

Investor Communications
It’s important to provide your investors and employees with regular updates to build trust. Apart from cap table calculation errors, often documentation is missing and some investors don’t even have their share certificates!

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With XAP & Carta, Founder CEOs can now provide investors and stakeholders with online access to check on their equity positions.

Provide regular investor updates using our templates including key metrics that can be streamlined and automated, accessible via an online portal.

Equity Modelling
Take control of your term sheet. Conduct scenario modeling using cloud tools that demonstrate the impact of future financing rounds or possible exits, in seconds.

Board Management tools
Simplify 3 key processes via web or mobile: 
1. Generate resolutions with electronic signatures 
2. Securely share documents, like board papers
3. Share and track board meeting agendas

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How to Manage your Cap Table
Managing your cap table is a specialised skill.

Founder’s are strong in terms of their big idea and product, but less familiar with fundraising calculations and strategy. Different classes of equity, convertibles notes, SAFEs and ESOPs (employee share ownership plans).

Equity Management Tools
Even experienced corporate advisors using spreadsheets can make costly mistakes. It’s tricky. In our experience nearly all capitalisation tables are wrong.

Dangers of Using Spreadsheets
Early on in a startup’s life, the cap table may be a simple spreadsheet on Excel with names, titles, percentages, and number of shares. This may seem manageable with even the most basic of Excel skills.

However, as a company grows, very quickly so does the complexity of the cap table.

Raising capital means more investors and different share classes. You want to attract and retain employees with an ESOP. This means tracking option grants and vesting schedules. Of course employees come and go, introducing an administration burden as options need to be repurchased or returned to the option pool.

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Compare use of a spreadsheet which is susceptible to calculation errors, version control, permissions, and backups with free online, real-time purpose-built cloud software.

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Mobile App with Fingertip Control
We want clients to have access to everything they need at their fingertips.

Safely and easily manage your option grants and investments at any time with the Carta app for iPhone and Android.

Interested in Carta?

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