Imagine a Corporate Advisor Affordable to Every Business, Available 24/7.

Fund raising. Valuation. Pitch decks.

Financial engineering (optimise debt-equity)

Equity incentive structures for employees

International structures & tax

Protect business assets

Missing Piece Corporate Advisor
Why every business needs a Corporate Advisor

There is likely a vital piece missing in your team: your Corporate Advisor.
Big mistake, big, huge.

How to Create a Bullet-Proof Corporate Structure

Think strategically.
Understand the risks and take action.
Use technology to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, giving you total control of your business anywhere, anytime.

Structures for
Asset Protection

Corporate structures, trusts, shareholder agreements and documentation to protect entrepreneurs from attack.

Corporate Advisory

Fund raising, investor pitch decks, business valuation, merger & acquisition (M&A), ESOP’s and asset restructuring.

Corporate Services

Company Secretarial services including incorporation, Nominee Director services and Employment Pass.

Kickstart your Corporate Strategy with this Action Plan

XAP Corp Firewall Program

Step#1 Learn

You can learn a lot these days for free online. However, you wont find how to build an international corporate structure to protect you, your assets and your family.

Good corporate lawyers will cost you $800.00+/hour.

There’s a better way. Take the Firewall Course which starts at just $750.00 for 10 modules that will teach you everything you need to know in just 30 days.

Learn from ‘real life’ events and case studies. This Course is very practical and designed for growth minded entrepreneurs wanting to secure their wealth.

Step#2 THE Plan

Now that you understand the type of risks faced by entrepreneurs throughout the business lifecycle, it’s time to build your firewall and protect yourself. You need a bullet-proof plan.

If you’ve read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits, you may recall Habit 3: Put First Things First. As busy people, we tend to prioritise urgent matters, instead of the most important because the important things are hard.

Make your corporate structure and firewall important.

What needs to be done to ensure your structures and documents will be effective? Consider the Firewall Mastery Program which includes a customised Corporate Master Plan.

Global Organisational Chart

Woman working with Cap Table

Step#3 The Team

With your Master Plan and strategy now in place, it’s time to work with your corporate advisory team to put the structures and documentation into action.

You’ll also need an expert team to help you administer and maintain your structures throughout the year, keeping everything up to date.

With XAP’s virtual corporate advisory service, you’ll have 24/7 support for any questions or issues that arise affecting your structure. Everything you need is included in one simple monthly subscription.


Getting Started.

Awareness. Get educated. Understand the risks and learn how to protect yourself. Research & discovery of needs.



Select corporate advisory team. Design Master Plan, structures and required documentation.



Incorporate new entities, restructure assets, execute documents. Ensure ongoing monitoring, review & risk alerts.