SupaCFO Discovery Questionnaire

SupaCFO Form

Grab a cup of tea or coffee as this Questionnaire will take around 30-60 minutes to complete.

Why should you make that kind of commitment? Good question!

We think this process will make a huge impact on the performance of your business and your quality of life.

We encourage you to take this seriously. As seriously as the time and care we have taken to prepare these questions to enable entrepreneurs to streamline processes, reduce costs and bring data to the surface for better decision making.

Once you've completed the Questionnaire, we'll schedule a time to discuss the issues raised and start work on your transformation.

That's a big call, so let's begin.

General Information

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Business Information

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Corporate Governance

Shareholder and Board of Directors matters

Business Plan

If you have a Business Plan or Strategic Plan please send to us. Email:

The Market

Not well

Finance / Accounting Department

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Bad. We are not happy.

Key Issues

What is holding you back and potentially keeping you awake at night?

Finance Questions


Funding Roadmap


Budgets & Forecasts

Financial Reporting & KPIs

Customer Invoices

Recurring Revenues

Performance Benchmarking

Business Expenses

Accounting Systems

Other Questions

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Consent: Access to financial records

To enable deeper analysis of your business, it would be valuable to review Financial Statements for the past 5 years. We ask for your consent and, of course, we promise to keep the information strictly private and confidential.

Regulatory Environment

Intellectual Property (IP)

Do you have any particular IP, trademarks, patents?

Systems, Policies, Procedures and Checklists

What best describes your current systems and processes. Are you systems dependent or people dependent?


Procurement & Supply Chain

Briefly explain the layers in your supply chain from end to end and where your business fits. Do you buy locally or source from abroad? What are your procurement processes from specifications, to sourcing and selection of a vendor. Do you use software to manage vendors and tendering?

Digital Transformation

Your IT Systems

Please describe your existing IT infrastructure and systems. Hardware, operating system(s), On-premise Server, and Cloud platform (if any). Office productivity suite (eg G-suite or Office 365).

Wrap up
A big thank you for taking the time to complete this Questionnaire.

I hope this exercise has started to open your mind to the many possibilities to improve your business and as a result, make a difference to your quality of life.
We'll be in touch shortly to set a time to discuss the issues raised with you and your Leadership team. At that session, we'll be sharing our feedback and insights with you. We'll also run you through our SupaCFO process in more detail.
At this stage, we just want to get to know you, your needs and understand your business. We're confident we can add value by streamlining processes, reducing costs and creating key financial data to help make better decisions. You are not alone on this entrepreneurial journey ...
Date for Discovery session
Please let us know your preferred date for a 30-40 minute virtual meeting (we suggest a date 5-10 days from completing this Questionnaire).