Firewall Course

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The Firewall Course is for entrepreneurs and startups.

It’s hard enough to grow a business without the eventual threats that come with success. As wealth grows you become a target.

How do entrepreneurs like Jack Ma structure their affairs?

Learn how to create structures to protect your assets and manage international expansion & taxes.

The Firewall Program is designed to prevent tragic heartbreak and save you millions of dollars.

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The Firewall Course
We live in a ‘Youtube’ world where millions of people now prefer to self learn. No need to waste time trying to find expensive corporate lawyers.

The Firewall Course is delivered through a series of online videos coupled with revision (quiz style) questions, as well as DIY homework exercises.

While the Course consists of 12 modules designed to be completed over a 30 day period, you can elect to complete the Course faster or slower at your own pace.

This Program includes the Firewall Playbook and you receive lifetime access to the Course (and future updates) through the Firewall Membership plan.

This program does not include corporate advisory services or support. It consists of the Course only.

If you would like support, please consider the Course + Q&A program or Firewall Mastery.

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